New templates can be created on the template list page. Whether a new template is created or an existing template is edited, the same settings and options are always available:

  • Recurrence settings:
    • This can be used to optionally determine whether the template should be executed automatically at certain times. In this case, the repetition is set to „active„.
    • The app then automatically creates a new entry from the template on the selected date and at the respective interval. For example, a template „Pocket money every Sunday“ can be created.
  • Value: How much money or how many points should be added or deducted. When entering, you can change the sign to create income or expenses.
  • Title: A short title or purpose for this entry.
  • Tags: These are short keywords that can be used to tag bookings with additional information.
  • Note: An optional text of any length with which you can store additional information.
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