In Pockey, the parents are the bank where the children have their accounts. There is a separate user account for each child. The child’s accounts (e.g. „pocket money“ or „reward points for cleaning up“) are then stored in this account.

On the parent account overview page, all children accounts are listed.

  • Edit existing child/user accounts:
    • In the list of children’s accounts there is a button with three dots to the right of the account name. This button opens a menu with options for this account. Here you simply select „Edit user“ to customize the account.
  • Create a new child/user accounts:
    • On the parents‘ overview page, tap the user management icon in the upper left corner. Here you can change the current user (e.g. from the parent account to the child account) and start the creation of a new child account.

The settings of a child / user

Whether creating a new child account or editing an existing account, the available options are the same:

  • Name: This is the name of the child / user with which the user account is displayed.
  • Color theme: Each user account can be customized with its own color theme.
  • PIN code: Parents create a separate user account for each child in which the child’s accounts are managed. Just as in the real bank a customer is not allowed to look into the customers‘ accounts, perhaps the children’s accounts should also remain secret in the app. For this purpose, each user account can be assigned its own PIN code. This way, each child can only see his or her own accounts.
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