Entries can not only be created manually in the app, but can also be made completely automatically.

With a template „Pocket money $5“ you can e.g. predefine all values (amount, description, tags, note, etc.) of an entry. You can then choose whether a entry should be created automatically from this template at certain times (e.g. „Pocket money every Sunday“), or whether you use the template as a shortcut to create a new pocket money entry from it with one click.

In the list of templates all templates for the current account are displayed. You can create new templates using the button at the top of the page. Tapping an existing template in the list will open it for editing.

If you hold down the entry of a template in the list for a short time, a menu appears via which you can execute the template. This creates a new entry with the current date from the template.

This menu also contains options to sort the templates.

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