The app can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store and can then be tested for as long as you like with up to 20 entries. So you don’t buy a pig in a poke, but can take a look at the app and try it out beforehand.

However, the app is not free, because a lot of time and work goes into the development and support. Of course, there are many apps that entice users with the claim that they are „absolutely free“. But these offers also have to cover their costs somehow, and this is usually done through advertising and the hidden evaluation and sale of personal data.

We do NOT want this, instead we prefer to offer an open and fair pricing model.

First test, then buy

Instead of having to pay for the app directly when downloading it, you can download it for free and test it with up to 20 entries. If you want to remove these restrictions, you can buy an update to the premium version in the app. The app offers various options for this. Depending on how you want to use the app, you can choose between different, fair offers:

Local use

If the app is only used on one device, local use is the best option. The data is then NOT synchronized between the devices.

For local use, you have the choice between an affordable subscription and a one-time purchase that activates all features permanently.

Family Premium

With the purchase of the Family Premium package, the app is unlocked on any number of devices. This is therefore ideal if two parents, several managers of a shared household, etc. and several children / users want to use the app on their own devices.

Parents can then enter new entries on their own cell phones, for example, and children who already have their own devices can view their own accounts on them.

For this purpose, the data is automatically synchronized via the Pockey WebApp. Entries on one device are therefore automatically visible on all other devices.

With the Family Premium package, you also have the choice between a affordable subscription and a one-time purchase that activates the functions permanently.

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