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The parents are the bank where the kids save their money

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The parents are the bank

Each child has its account with the parents and can deposit and withdraw money there.

Pocket money at a glance

Parents and children can see at any time how much has currently been saved.

Learn to handle money

From the very beginning, children learn to organize their money well.

Manage pocket money in the family

Perfectly organized

The pocket money can be credited automatically. So nothing is forgotten or paid out twice.

Nothing is lost

Whether it’s pocket money, a voucher for a birthday or some money from grandma: Everything is deposited securely at the parent bank. Nothing disappears under the car seat or is washed in your pants pocket.

Everything under control

Also reward points and other motivational aids can be easily managed.

Also for other groups

Pockey is not limited to pocket money. Also ideal for class funds, spots clubs or groups.

How pocket money management works with Pockey

Download and test for free

Pockey can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store and tested for as long as you like with up to 20 entries.

Set up children or users

As with the real bank, in Pockey each child or user has their own area where their personal accounts are managed.

Setup accounts

Any number of accounts can be created for each child or user. These can be money accounts or accounts for reward points.

Safety first

Of course, only parents can add, change or delete entries. The parents‘ area can be protected with a PIN code. The children only see their account balances. The children’s areas can also each use their own PIN code.

Set goals and motivate

For each account an individual goal can be set. So an amount that should be saved or a points target that should be reached.

Your are the bank

The parents add entries when children deposit or withdraw money. The money is safely managed and the children know how much they have already saved.


It’s even easier with templates for new entries. This way, the pocket money is automatically credited on payday. Nothing gets lost or forgotten anymore.

On all your devices

Pockey can be used on one or several smartphones and tablets. Parents can therefore make entries on their own device. Children can see their own accounts, for example, on the family tablet or (if already available) on their own cell phone.

For families and other groups

The idea of Pockey came from our children. We have developed the app in our family for all families.

But Pockey is of course not limited to families, children and pocket money. It’s just as good for planning flat-sharing finances, managing class funds, or managing money in a club.

The data is stored on your device. With the Pockey Family account, they can be automatically synchronized between devices. If the kids already have their own phone or tablet, they can see their account balances at any time, just like real online banking. Of course, each child only sees their own accounts.

As individual as you

Just as each customer at the bank has their own accounts, each child or user at Pockey has their own area with their own accounts.

These personal areas can be customized with different color themes.

Support and feedback

Are there questions or suggestions? Just send us a mail!

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